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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Hot is de Mars's Rooster Sauce?

How HOT is Rooster Sauce?

Good Question, but this is a tough question to answer as everyone has a different "thermometer" in their mouths.
But, we can put it in terms of the Scoville Scale which puts Rooster Sauce at about 110,000 Scoville units.
Where/How do I get some Rooster Sauce?

Where do I find Rooster Sauce?

First and foremost, you can order right from this website. Just click here: Order Some Sauce!

Alternatively, you can find de Mars's Rooster Sauce in particular restaurants and grocery stores. We have a list of businesses and a google map of their locations on this page: Store Locations

You can also find de Mars's Rooster Sauce on,, as well as other online stores. We can't speak for anyone else, but if you order it directly from us, we will ship it to you any where in the world. Maybe even Mars.
What is in de Mars's Rooster Sauce?

What is Rooster Sauce made of?

de Mars's Rooster Sauce is all natural, vegan, and gluten free. It is made with a lot of care in small batches. We use a variety of hot peppers that include habaneros and jalapenos. We use garlic, curry, and many other organic spices. Unlike many other hot sauces, Rooster Sauce is made with an olive oil base that gives it a smooth texture and makes it great to cook with. We strive to use fresh and organic ingredients whenever possible.
What do I eat with de Mars's Rooster Sauce?

What tastes good with Rooster Sauce?

We actually get this question a lot.
We have some of our favorite recipes posted around the web site, but really the possibilities are endless.
We have a wide range of customers that use it through breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Rooster Sauce is a condiment, as well as a quality ingredient. You can dump it on eggs, or mix it in your bloody mary.
We have reports of Rooster Sauce being used with bananas, popcorn, salads, eggs, meat, ect... ect... really its endless.
How much does it cost?

How much does it cost to buy?

The average price for a 5oz bottle is $5.
The average price for a 10.5oz bottle is $8.
That does not include the cost of shipping or tax. Some grocery stores sell it for more, and some for less.
If you register with, you receive discounts on future purchases. The more you get, the better the discount.
Where is de Mars's Rooster Sauce made?

Where is it made?

Our sauce is made in a certified factory in Gold Bar, WA. All of our ingredients are sourced as locally as possible.